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We've all heard the phrase, "It's a poor craftman that blames the tools.", Every industry has their measure and the video industry is no exceptions. Don't look to impressed by professionals that want to talk gear more than creative. Budget will dictate gear and execution, but budgets shouldn't dictate ideas. Don't get me wrong, an undertanding of the tools is required and a mastery is prefred, but the ability to overcome budget limitations and deliver and entertaining, eduacational or engaging ideas - well, that's the gold. Video is only limited to the imagination, don't be limited by the gear. 

Judge potential aplicants off the work they can do for you. Look beyond the resume and reel and into their true abilitie. One thing that has proved helpful is, when they come for an interview, put them to work. Give them the most basic tool kit, camera and editor. Outline a few parameters, like time, higlights - hand them a music track and let them run. The point is not that your candidates are creating the best video in the world, the point is, now, you can compare apples to apples. 

production phases
New Arrivals


What to look for when hiring your
first video professional.

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